Berlin International Orientation

Welcome to Berlin

9. September – 13. September 2019

Whether you have just arrived or have lived in Berlin longer but never “fully arrived” we want to welcome and get to know you! The goal of Berlin International Orientation (BIO) is to provide some direction for the city, for the university, and for life. We hope that you will make some friends, have some fun, and be better prepared for living in a new city and a new country.​

Each evening there will be a chance to eat a warm meal, get to know new people, hear a short presentation on different topics (see schedule), practice German or English, get to know some Germans personally, play games, and more!​

The theme for the week is “finding your way . . .” and we wish that we can walk with you for a part of your new journey here and hope that you can truly find your way through Berlin, German culture, the university, community, and to a good life!

More information on the website: www.berlinorientation.com